Unauthorized exhibition of HAYO SOL PopArt

In the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands, an unauthorized exhibition of HAYO SOL art took place during the month of April 2010. The artist HAYO SOL was never contacted nor did he give permission to exhibit and sell 14 art pieces in reference to his name.

The owners/managers of the venue were not to blame since they were totally not aware of this. Any gallery and/or client that is interested in an exhibition of HAYO SOL art should always contact his official company (Angelstar Productions) to check if such a sale is with approval of the artist himself.

HAYO SOL would also like to inform any buyers to check the back of any of his PopArt pieces. The official serial stamp and official website stamp should be cleary visible. If these stamps are not visible because they are damaged or blacked out, always be aware that any damage to an artpiece makes it loose it’s value instantly.

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